My dearest Friends

We've been lying

Throughout the years we've been telling you ITS was a circus, a gathering of Fantastic Voyagers, an institution studying the physics of creativity, even a conspiracy theory. They were lies. Good intentioned, ironic, funny and meaningful lies. This time we want to tell you the truth. The pure, simple, plain truth.

ITS is a bleeding heart: it is naive, banal, overtly sentimental. It is uncool.

And it is focused. Focused on supporting young creative talents all over the planet in the fields of fashion, accessories and jewellery design. Searching for genius and new perspectives to showcase, and then collect in our ITS Creative Archive, a "protected reserve" with over 18,000 portfolios, 230 outfits, 130 accessories & jewellery pieces and 700+ photography projects. ITS is also ever-evolving.

The ITS Arcademy is how we will evolve in 2020, our vision for the future of fashion. An international training ground for creativity. A formative research space not just for professionals but for any curious experimenter, from the youngest to the oldest.

We are rebels, and real rebels risk disapproval. We want to stand out from that trendy ocean of empty irony, easy mocking and lazy cynicism, take a deep breath and dive into a new wave of sincerity.

So, are you willing to play cool... or just be true?