ITS Award powered by Allianz with Pitti Immagine Tutoring & Consulting
Tomorrow Entrepreneurial Creativity Award

If we decide that black stands for dreams and white for reality, then grey can represent a mixed state represented by the theory of the Uncanny: experiencing something as strangely familiar rather than simply mysterious. This is a world apart where the mind assigns entirely different definitions to objects. Object Oriented Ontology (the idea that objects exist independently from the mind), the artworks and films by René Magritte, Man Ray, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch become the doors to this grey zone.

ITS Award powered by Allianz with Pitti Immagine Tutoring & Consulting

Daoyuan had the most coherent aesthetic approach. A very well executed collection. He showed an ability to choose out of the ordinary colors and materials, and a minimalistic approach that highlighted an outstanding clarity of view. A collection that is ready for the market.

Tomorrow Entrepreneurial Creativity Award

Daoyuan Ding fits the criteria for the Tomorrow Entrepreneurial Creativity Award. He delivered a scenographic and shocking presentation, his mature development of knits and jacquard techniques were unique and as a consequence he does feel ready for the market. We will be delighted to host him during the next Paris Mens Fashion Week at Tomorrow Le Palais.


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